Announced today at the SuperComputing19 conference in Denver, USA, Intel and Lenovo have established a new Project Everyscale, of which NCI is a founding member. Alongside other supercomputing centres around the world including Harvard University's Faculty of Arts and Sciences Research Computing unit, Germany's Leibniz Supercomputing Centre, and the University of Toronto's SciNet supercomputing centre, NCI will be part of this visionary exascale council dedicated to driving the broad adoption of exascale technology for organisations of all sizes.

Kicking off its work in 2020, the council will focus on various aspects of HPC system design, including alternative cooling technologies, power efficiency, density, racks and storage. Reaching the exascale — where supercomputers can do a quintillion (a billion billion) calculations per second — is a major goal for international supercomputing centres for the next generation of research computing they will enable.

Getting to that level will require collaborative efforts that resolve the remaining technical complexities and component technologies that will make exascale computing possible. The aim of the council is to bring the experience of these facilities together to bring to life a cohesive picture of the exascale future for the HPC industry.