NCI employs expert staff to provide specialised support to our users in the key areas of code optimisation and scientific visualisation.

3D visualisation of cloud, ice and rain in atmosphere

HPC Scaling

The HPC Development and Innovations Team works with our key stakeholders to optimise large models and data-intensive codes. Optimising key scientific codes for efficient performance at the huge computational scales of NCI’s supercomputer enables greater modelling detail, accuracy and resolution. Upscaling the codes to use up to tens of thousands of cores in a single job allows another level of performance and scientific insight. For more information, visit HPC Optimisation.


NCI’s VizLab Team provides specialised scientific visualisation services for research and presentation purposes. Numerical modelling and volumetric datasets are ideally suited for visualisation at NCI. Working closely with researchers from NCI’s collaborating organisations, the VizLab team turns large, abstract datasets from fields such as meteorology and materials science into easily understandable visuals. 

For more information about our visualisation support, visit Our Services.