Physics research at NCI straddles the boundary between fundamental and applied science. A wide range of researchers are investigating some of the most fundamental phenomena that guide the functioning of our universe, including sub-atomic particle physics and dark matter, while others are applying physical principles to questions of fluid flow, earthquakes, cryptography and more.

Physics is a part of all the research taking place at NCI, whether it is as a set of guiding equations or through the inherent behaviours of complex systems. This brings researchers together across disciplines as varied as materials science, astrophysics, atmospheric modelling and much more. By building up our knowledge of the building blocks of our world, together with the complexity of real-world situations, physics researchers at NCI push boundaries and open up new avenues of research.

Some of the most computationally intense calculations live in this domain. Taking advantage of NCI's high-performance computing environments and latest technologies, high-resolution, detailed simulations of interacting fluids, sub-atomic particles and seismic waves are all possible.