Give the GeoDeVL Her Dues: She has Helped lay the Foundations for a Modern eResearch Platform for Solid Earth Scientists

eResearch 2019 will offer delegates the opportunity to engage, connect, and share their ideas and exemplars concerning new information centric research capabilities, and how information and communication technologies help researchers to collaborate, collect, manage, share, process, analyse, store, find, understand and re-use information.


Since 2007, AuScope has been the national provider of research infrastructure to the earth and geospatial sciences communities in Australia and has supported a diverse suite of data generating infrastructures ranging from VLBI telescopes to geochemistry/geochronology laboratories and geophysical data acquisitions. In parallel, AuScope supported the development of data access portals, a suite of numerical simulation and inversion codes, and built virtual laboratories and online processing systems that connect these. New directions outlined in the 2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap called for the development of an integrated Downward Looking Telescope which requires distributed observational, characterisation, and computational infrastructure to provide the capability for Australian researchers to image and understand the composition and characteristics of the Australian Plate with unprecedented scale and fidelity. TheGeoDeVL projects have laid the foundations for the transition to a modern platform for solid Earth researchers to support the Downward Looking Telescope. The new systems also need greater alignment of samples, data and software with the FAIR principles: in particular they must be machine actionable.