To ensure seamless, programmatic access to data for High Performance Computing (HPC) and analysis across multiple research domains, it is vital to have a methodology for standardization of both data and services. At the Australian National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) we have developed a Data Quality Strategy (DQS) that currently provides processes for: (1) Consistency of data structures needed for a High Performance Data (HPD) platform; (2) Quality Control (QC) through compliance with recognized community standards; (3) Benchmarking cases of operational performance tests; and (4) Quality Assurance (QA) of data through demonstrated functionality and performance across common platforms, tools and services. By implementing the NCI DQS, we have seen progressive improvement in the quality and usefulness of the datasets across the different subject domains, and demonstrated the ease by which modern programmatic methods can be used to access the data, either in situ or via web services, and for uses ranging from traditional analysis methods through to emerging machine learning techniques. To help increase data re-usability by broader communities, particularly in high performance environments, the DQS is also used to identify the need for any extensions to the relevant international standards for interoperability and/or programmatic access.